Discovering raises over $500 for WEA Childrens' Fund

The WEA Children's Fund is designed to support teachers throughout WA State by reimbursing them for items that they buy for a student or family in need.  Teachers submit receipts and without any "red tape"  receive reimbursement promptly.  With such a worthy cause it seemed only fitting that we support this amazing fund.  With a generous book donation by Northfield Publishing all proceeds went to the Children's Fund.  Thank you Northfield!!  We are pleased to report that all books sold out and the Children's Fund made over $500.00! 

DM Freed

Author of Discovering the Five Love Languages at School (Grades 1-6) A public school curriculum that connects teachers with their students at the deepest levels while improving academic performance. Co-written with Gary Chapman, New York Times bestselling author of The Five Love Languages.