All students deserve the opportunity to learn how to show and receive love!

  • Educators should be empowered to make deep connections with students in order for them to reach their full potential academically and in life.

  • Curriculum should be supported by research, enlist the most effective strategies to maximize impact and help students make appropriate gains in relationship to the time they spend in the classroom.

  • It takes an entire school community to promote well-being, safety and academic excellence.

Our curriculum is unlike any other in the nation! Using research-based techniques we empower educators to bridge connections in three distinct ways:

  1. between the educator and the student
  2. between the student and their peers
  3. between the student and their family

*Research shows that connections between the educator and the student alone can improve academic performance by as much as 3 years beyond their current grade level.

We believe that the 5 Love Language concepts which have helped millions of people in the United States, is a proven work and vital for the classroom. #1 New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman Ph.D. and co-author D.M. Freed, M.Ed. are committed to bringing all educators a no nonsense, research-based curriculum that delivers.  It presents and rivals any other academic curriculum currently being taught in the classroom.

(*All research referenced here can be found in the first chapter of the curriculum.)


The First Teacher

As your child's first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.  

The concepts taught in this curriculum will improve your child's relationships at home, at school and with friends.  Meaningful connections equal greater academic performance.

Every student deserves the opportunity to learn how to show and receive love!