Discovering the 5 Love Languages At School

Discovering the 5 Love Languages At School: Lessons That Promote Academic Excellence and Connections for Life is a curriculum product that uses the most current researched-based methods of instructional delivery to create increased academic performance and connections within the school environment.  It has been designed to reach all elementary-aged students including trauma sensitive, complex and highly capable learners. Eight intentional lessons have been written in both scripted and abbreviated formats giving the instructor the option of reading it to the class or teaching it from an outline.

Based on the #1 New York Times bestselling, The 5 Love Languages®, this curriculum is research-based and will help teachers and students establish both human and academic connections. When the lessons are completed a bridge will be created between the students, teacher, peers and family. Thoroughly field-tested prior to publication, this material has been taught in many classrooms with outstanding results. And, in addition to covering the positive aspects of the love languages, this curriculum also uses the compare/contrast technique to highlight the opposite of each love language.  For example, the opposite of words of affirmation is harassment, the opposite of quality time is intentionally excluding people, the opposite of acts of service is bullying, etc.  Using the compare/contrast technique helps students identify personal safety issues while keeping the focus on what "to" do rather than what "not" to do.  Every lesson covers a personal safety topic which is typically a required "teach-to" in most schools.

Each book also includes reproducible research-based Academic Focus Pages (not to be confused as worksheets) which are age-appropriate for the students' grade level.  These pages have been created with the most effective instructional strategies widely known for their ability to reinforce lessons and bring clarity.  Reproducible Academic Focus Pages means the instructor will never have to buy consumables.  This product's design, concepts and structure are unlike any other on the market.  Educators will find its importance to rival that of any other academic curriculum currently taught.